Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is this something?

People say I should have a blog. Maybe they're right. I could try it, see if it fits.

Thing is, I've never been interested in making a blog, because I've never much been interested in reading blogs. Occasionally, very occasionally, a friend will post somewhere that I actually do read "Hey, I've updated my blog with a post about ___________," and it will sound interesting, and I will read it. A subset of those times, I even comment on it. But this is deviation, not routine. (And yes, those few of my friends whose blogs I have read and commented on multiple times... it's totally appropriate to feel like you've won the lottery. Except this lottery consists of words, most of them hypersyllabic, and is of no cash value in any state except Denial.)

But I do spend an awful lot of time spewing words onto screen and disk, and sometimes I look at them and think, "Hey, that sounds good" (/tiphat to Tim Quirk and the rest of Too Much Joy). So this can be a place I can put them all together, to reuse as they come up.

Topic? There is no topic. Or rather, there will be several. I will probably yammer about transportation, food allergies, parenting, social justice, homelessness in Los Angeles, grammar flubs, suicidal bicyclists, and penguins. Among other things. Tagging is my friend.

I do hope this introduction serves to manage your expectations into a nice comfy chair, so that I won't let you down too much when I skip from topic to topic like a toddler taking inventory of the toy room.

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